No doubt the agriculture sector seems to be the only booming sector in this depressed economy.

Watermelon farming Nigeria

While many are losing their jobs and others their once thriving income due to the harsh state of this present economy a 23-yrs-old UNIBEN undergraduate from the department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Life Sciences University of Benin, Benin City suddenly bumped into a weird simple Watermelon fruits farming strategies and made over 9 Million Naira in 162days growing it even without using cutlass/hoe or any kind of strenuous crude implements.

The amazing part of this young Environment Science undergraduate’s watermelon millionaire success story is that, he has never done anything farming in his entire life before neither does he has the strength to even lift a cutlass from the ground yet he did it and the results speaks volume.

Jude only became inspired after bumping into Osagie one security staff turned Watermelon Millionaire success story HERE he reached out to him for his strategies – the kind of organic nor-GMO seeds that is best for the Nigeria weather, the lists of various chemicals used, their methods of application and all that and the rest now is history.

First, he began by cheaply getting about 22hecatares of land (about N5,000 per hectare) with the help and arrangement of a Guy Stanly at the Benin-Owena River Basin Authority and hired a tractor from the same agency to have it prepared.

And in 4days the entire 22hectares was ploughed and harrowed by the tractor and planting was done using the specialized bumper-yield-bearing seedlings.

Watermelon farming Nigeria

Treatment – a combination of foliar fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides etc. were repeatedly applied by the ‘Ogoja’ boys to boost yield and completely get rid of insects and stop diseases from breaking out among the crops.

This he was doing mostly weekend when there is no lecture so that he can adequately supervise the ‘Ogoja’ workers instructing them on the correct thing to do at every stage just as he had learned from Osagie’s watermelon millionaire strategies.

Watermelon farming

35 days old

The ‘Ogoja’ boys were arranged to be paid at the end of the cultivation seasons.

The crops grew and the treatment chemicals were repeatedly applied to regulate insects and diseases outbreak on the farm.

Watermelon farming Nigeria

60 days old

The harvesting of the crops started after 73days of planting and they were sold at the end of the season.

And after 162days of running it two seasons over 9 Million Naira was realized.

He would have made way more than N9m from his smart agrobiz if had spaced his planting days as most of the fruits got ripe almost at the same time.

Watermelon farming Nigeria

65 days old

Before now this 23-yrs-old young UNIBEN undergraduate had always dreaded everything farming just like everyone even though when we know how highly profitable it could be. The lazy man smart approach to farming without touching and using cutlass/hoe he bumped into made him changed his mindset gave it a shoot and he got this results right here.

Watermelon farming Nigeria

75 days old

The Only Way Now Left For Ordinary People To Get Rich Fast In This Present Economy?

Agriculture is now the way to go especially the smart mechanized lazy man type like this one here. No wonder the government and experts keep yelling it into our ears every now and then.

The results of this young 23-yrs-old UNIBEN Environmental science undergraduatestudent who has never done anything farming all his life before is a big reason why we all have to embrace it the smart way and take back our financial destiny.

It a sustainable and dependable income that with which everyone with his or her family can depend on especially during a time like this our economy seems to be going southwards every day.

“Thank God for Osagie’s smart agro million business without cutlass/hoe story I bumped into. His proven strategies taught me that with advancement in technology and research I can easily become a successful farmer with no former experience and make great gains without having to touch or use cutlass/hoe as against the wrong notion I had before.

“I’m Now Setting Up 100 Hectares”

“I’m now planning of setting up 100 hectares flat and use this same used before to grow other profitable fast vegetable crops this season and I’ve decided to teach as many people that are serious in taking their finance to another level leveraging the hidden riches in agrobiz by revealing to them in a webinar (live training) how anyone can go from almost nothing to making over 4 million naira in short 83days doing a lazy man smart farming without touching or using cutlass/hoe.”

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4. The name of the treatment chemicals – foliars, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides where and how to get them plus how to accurately apply them.

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Agriculture as you may already know is now the way left for us to get rich in this present economy and unique strategies that brought in over N9m in 162days for the 23-yrs-old UNIBEN undergraduate without cutlass and hoe is a perfect one you can model today.

It’s Now Up To You

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It’s all your choice.

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Watermelon farming Nigeria

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