More than half a million people have been displaced in Sri Lanka amid the worst floods and landslides in over a decade. There seems to be little respite ahead, as authorities warn of more heavy rain in the upcoming days.


Deadly floods and landslides in Sri Lanka27.05.2017

Sri Lanka flood and landslide wreak havoc29.05.2017


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Scores killed in floods, landslides in Sri Lanka27.05.2017

Hundreds of people have either died or gone missing amid severe flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka. Authorities are now appealing for international help.

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Sri Lanka rushes aid to flood victims amid rising death toll 28.05.2017

Emergency aid has started reaching the Sri Lanka flood victims as rescue teams continue to reach out to marooned people, taking advantage of slightly improved weather. Floods and mudslides have claimed some 146 lives.

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Hundreds missing in Sri Lanka landslides 18.05.2016

Dozens of people have died and hundreds gone missing after torrential rains triggered two massive landslides in central Sri Lanka. Rescuers have stopped work temporarily after searching for survivors for nearly 20 hours.

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Death toll in Sri Lanka rises as rescue workers battle heavy rains 21.05.2016

Fresh landslides in Sri Lanka have been reported as rescue workers try to reach residents in the capital stranded by floods. Poor weather conditions have hindered rescue operations, with hundreds still missing.