How Nigeria can remain indivisible – Sultan

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Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, has promised that the traditional institutions would continue to work relentlessly for Nigeria to remain peaceful, united and indivisible.

Abubakar who spoke on Wednesday night in Sokoto, when he hosted some religious groups, residents and members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists to a Ramadan dinner.

Abubakar commended the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, for initiating the series of wide consultations as a way out to calm frayed nerves in the country.

According to the monarch, “dialogue remains the only plausible panacea to Nigeria’s myriad of challenges.

“There is no problem in the world that dialogue cannot solve. Crises are not unique to Nigeria.

“We should sit down, discuss issues and problems, as well as see where we have gone wrong and what went wrong.

“We should see where we have derailed and retrace our steps, then move forward as a single, indivisible country.

“There is no problem without a solution and there is no padlock made without keys to open it. It remains for us to see how to open it,” he said.

The Sultan promised that the traditional institutions would continue to work relentlessly for Nigeria to remain peaceful, united and indivisible.



Abubakar further lamented that the level of patriotism in the country was very low and admonished Nigerians to develop their country, saying nobody would do it for them.

The monarch also said that Nigerians were eager to live in peace and unity with one another, irrespective of their religious, political and ethnic affiliation.

According to the monarch, “we must all strive to develop Nigeria into a country based on justice, fair-play and respect for one another.

Above all, we need the fear of God, with the fear of God, you find things going right. God is the Alpha and Omega.

“The fear of God is the key to solving all our problems. Nigerians are very religious people and we have various Mosques and Churches,” the sultan averred.

On recurring farmers-herdsmen clashes, Abubakar said that those causing mayhem were strangers and urged that those perpetrating these crimes should be treated as criminals.

The royal father underscored the need for Nigerians to trust each other, saying that “challenges were meant to strengthen Nigeria’s unity.

The monarch also stressed the need for Nigerians to understand their differences, live in peace, adding that there would be no trust and unity when there is suspicion

A cross section of speakers at the event lauded the Sultan for the gesture, describing him as a peacemaker and a bridge builder in Nigeria and beyond.

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