Bahamians terrified as Hurricane Irma ‘sucks away’ miles of ocean (VIDEOS)
Footage from the Irma-hit Bahamas freaked out social media users on Saturday as it emerged that seawater was missing from a bay as far as the eye could see. The scene turned out to be a rare natural occurrence tied to the outgoing hurricane.

“I am in disbelief right now… This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!!! That’s as far as they see,” @Kaydi_K wrote on Twitter.

“Sea gone dry,” another witness called Adrian‏ tweeted.

The eerie scene was shared over 50,000 times in one day and it spooked web users, many of whom suggested it resembled the sucking away of water before a tsunami.

The water on the beach in Long Island Bahamas is gone after the hurricane. Tsunamis start off like this..

Some found that hard to believe, reckoning instead that it might have been a routinely-occurring low tide in the bay.

However, weather experts analyzing the scene put the blame on Hurricane Irma, which had just left a trail of destruction in the Caribbean and was about to land in Florida.

The ominous-looking occurrence was in fact caused by a combination of low tide, low pressure and strong winds in the right direction, which literally pushed the water away from the long narrow bay. The phenomenon has been dubbed “reverse storm surge” by some of those explaining it online.

I know it seems weird but strong winds & low tide can pull water out of bays and inlets in hurricanes. Like Reverse storm surge. 

Luckily for the locals, the water did not come gushing in all at once, with Adrian later tweeting that the sea “came back.”