BREAKING: Nigerian army allegedly killing people and burning houses in Aba since midnight

As shared by one Otum Uchenna Kalu, read below:

There is a serious crisis in Aba right now. Since midnight, we haven’t slept in Aba, we kept vigil all through the night because the Hausa/Fulani people have been killing and burning down houses in Aba, Abia State.

Places like Umuode village, Uratta/Port Harcourt Road and Ariaria have been attacked and people’s houses razed by the Hausas. It’s ironic that despite the state imposed curfew in Aba, including the heavy presence of the military, vis-a-vis the Army’s Operation Python Dance 2, the Hausas are having a field day.

People have been killed and rendered homeless in their own place and someone will tell me that “we are one Nigeria”. This is a clarion call to all our people everywhere in Nigeria especially in the North to be vigilant and move with utmost care as our lives and the very existence of our being are seriously being threatened.

If the Hausas right here in our back yard can have a field day to attack us uninhibited and unresisted, our people in the North are not safe at all. We, the Igbos are no longer safe in this country and the earlier the needful is done, the better. Biafrans, the time to act is now! Good morning!.

For a better society

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