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For the umpteenth time, I have captivatingly watched the riveting report on CNN Africa regarding the Libya Slave Trade. On arrival, the CNN crew was taken to the location where an ad-hoc slave auction was taking place. Three apparently able-bodied men were the subject of the ongoing auction. ‘’ Four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, .… twelve hundred, … sold’’. And the three men were sold for twelve hundred dollars at four hundred dollars apiece. Apparently, the men were Nigerians, as the report by Nima Elbagir, of CNN indicated.

The next humiliating stop in the report was a warehouse in Italy in which the rescued migrants were housed. As would be expected, there was a shortage of everything: no food, no water, and so on and so forth. One of the inmates, whose opinion was sought regarding the fact that some of the inmates had been sold in slave markets responded, ‘’I was sold’’. He then went on to show the CNN crew evidence of the ill-treatment sustained at the hands of their ‘‘captors/owners’’; scars on backs, feet, and punctures in inaccessible parts of the human anatomy. ‘’We want to go home, let them take us home,’’ they chorused.

Evidence that slavery, the selling and buying of human beings for different purposes in the modern, twenty-first Century world was being practiced surfaced a few years ago when ISIS traded young Yazidi and Christian girls as sex slaves. The older women, like their male counterparts, were given the option of either converting to Islam, or be slaughtered with butchers’ knives.

One could argue, at the time, that the Islamic State was a place far removed from reality, because of the barbaric state of affairs imposed on people in the ISIS occupied areas of Iraq and Syria. But, with ISIS apparently gone, the world is faced with the reality of the fact that places like Libya have become as bad as whatever state ISIS thought it was creating, in redrawing the map of the Middle East.

It is therefore no wonder that the protest by people of Black African descent happened in Paris, France around the premises of the Libyan Embassy. But one may ask, why in Paris alone? Why not in all the capital cities in all African nations? Why not in all other nations of the world?

The answer may lie in the fact that most Western nations would not want to offend their Muslim and Arab citizens and guests by staging, allowing, or getting involved in such protests. On the contrary, whenever issues bothering on the ill-treatment of Palestinians by Israeli Defence Forces crop up for whatever reasons, Muslims and Arabs easily hoodwink and railroad the West and the rest of the world into condemning Israel, and boycotting Israeli made goods.

This is in spite of the fact that the Muslim world, for whom ISIS/Islamic State speaks, has made it abundantly clear that that Western civilization, which the rest of the world has embraced, is haram, and that all who do not convert to Islam are enemies who must be slaughtered. The taunts of Muslims to Britons that they are taking over Britain and all of Europe is yet to strike a chord, but the advance is unrelenting.

The testimony of Nadia Murad, the Yazidi girl from northwest Iraq whose village, Kocho was overtaken by ISIS in August, 2014 and was captured and turned into the sex slave (sabiyya) of Hajji Salman, a high ranking ISIS judge. When she eventually dared to escape, her owner had her gang-raped all night by six of his bodyguards until she became unconscious. She was then passed to six other men who beat and raped her in turns before she eventually escaped. Meanwhile, her father, mother, five brothers had been executed.

The members of the Security Council of the United Nations before whom she testified passed a resolution to appoint independent investigators to collect evidence of ISIS crimes, the first step towards holding the group accountable for its mass executions. Murad, who has written a book, ’’The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity and My Fight against the Islamic State’’ has dedicated the proceeds thereof toward supporting ISIS survivors and bringing ISIS to justice.

Thus far, ISIS and Muslim fundamentalists have gotten away with murder because the governments that should lead the charge against the excesses of radical and fundamentalist Islam have been shut up by oil dollars; most western leaders are still towing the path defined by President Obama; and African leaders are in no position whatsoever to protest because they are either fellow Moslems, or stooges of either Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Now that Nadia Murad has declared her personal war with ISIS, let us hope that the rest of the world would wake up from its slumber, and for the sake of their children and loved ones, do all it can to ensure that there never again would be another ISIS. If a young woman could mortgage the rest of her life toward holding ISIS accountable, Christendom, the United Nations, African Union, etc. should wake up to ensure that never again should young men with hopes and dreams be slaughtered like rams; that never again should young women with hopes and dreams be enslaved for the pleasure of some idiots who still dwells in their own defined barbaric, pre-historic era; and that never again should anyone dare to enslave another, at whatever price.




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