John Dowd, pictured in 2007, is one of the lawyers representing President Trump.
John Dowd, pictured in 2007, is one of the lawyers representing President Trump. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

It’s time to end the investigation into whether President Trump’s team colluded with Russians to interfere in the 2016 election, one of the president’s personal lawyers said Saturday.

The statement from John Dowd came the morning after Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions fired Andy McCabe, a former top FBI official who is accused of making misleading statements during an internal review. McCabe had been a frequent target of Trump’s criticisms and claimed his firing was another attempt to undermine the Russia investigation.

“I pray that Acting Attorney General Rosenstein will follow the brilliant and courageous example of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and bring an end to alleged Russia Collusion investigation manufactured by McCabe’s boss James Comey based upon a fraudulent and corrupt Dossier,” Dowd said. He first provided his statement to the Daily Beast.

Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, oversees the work of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who is leading the criminal investigation into Russian political interference. Rosenstein has repeatedly said, most recently in an interview with USA Today, that he supports Mueller.

Dowd said he was speaking for himself, not the president, and said the investigation should be ended “on the merits in light of recent revelations.” He did not respond to another question asking about details of those revelations.

Although Dowd suggested the Russia case was based on the dossier — a reference to opposition research collected by a former British intelligence officer paid by Democrats during the campaign — Democrats and Republicans have concluded that wasn’t the trigger for the investigation. Instead, they said, it was a tip about George Papadopoulos, who served as a foreign policy advisor on Trump’s campaign and later pleaded guilty to lying about his conversations with Russians.

It’s unlikely that Mueller will heed Dowd’s advice. In recent weeks he reportedly issued a subpoena to the Trump Organization, risking anger from a president who has carefully guarded his privately held business from public scrutiny.

Courtesy: Los Angeles Times


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