Two dead as car bomb explodes in Egyptian city of Alexandria
A car bomb has rocked the coastal Egyptian city of Alexandria, reportedly killing two people and injuring at least four others. The attack comes just two days before Egypt’s presidential election.

The blast is said to have occurred near the Tolip Hotel in the city’s neighbourhood of Stanley. Multiple Egyptian sources, citing eyewitnesses, report that the bomb targeted the convoy of the security director of Alexandria, Major General Mustafa Nimr.

The driver of the escort car and a policeman were reportedly killed when the device exploded under a parked vehicle next to the Roman Camp road in the city. Four military personnel are said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

| فيديو.. انفجار سيارة في شارع المعسكر الروماني بالإسكندرية

“On Saturday, March 24, an explosive device planted underneath a car exploded … as the Alexandria security chief drove by,” a spokesperson for the interior ministry said in a statement cited by Reuters.

A number of civil protection officers, firefighters, police and emergency services have reportedly arrived at the scene and formed a perimeter around blast site.

Courtesy: RT


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