Gabby Ogbechie, The Property Gazette.
From a few months back, the world unwittingly began to subscribe to a higher demand for righteousness. This demand found expression in the #MeToo movement by which women of all ages who had been, in time past sexually harassed came out, as it were, from the woodwork to declare the hurts they have had to deal with alone and unheard for years.
Central to, and common in all the accusations were the assumption of the accused that, that which they took from the women was their right of sort; being the least they could presumptuously exert from the women at the time they did. The “casting coach” was a well established principle in Hollywood after all, and this writer remembers an article on Frank Sinatra in Playboy magazine in which boasted about a list of great Hollywood actresses he had desired and crossed. No one, however powerful would dare make such boasts now.
Not long ago, adherents of the Catholic church turned up their noses (they still do) at members of the Pentecostal arm of the Body of Christ for, amongst other things, belonging to Churches that were founded by men and not the Lord Jesus Christ. The Pentecostals, on their part, believe that Catholics are simply nominal in their adherence to the faith; (committing sin all week, only to confess on Friday in order to take communion on Sunday and return to sin), and hardly qualify as walking worthy of the Lord.
In recent times, the plethora of scandals pertaining to Pentecostals and their love of money has justified the upturned noses of the orthodox churches towards Pentecostals as their drive for money by all means necessary, and their crass accumulation of same cannot find justification in the word of God however you slice it.
Of recent however, and unfortunately, one must add, the vexatious issue of the abuse of young boys and girls by the Catholic clergy found fresh expression in the indictments brought against over three hundred Priests and Bishops for abusing over one thousand young boys and girls in the State of Pennsylvania alone in the United States. Some of the abused are now in their sixties, and most of their abusers are either dead, or have retired from the Priesthood. But these people demand a form of closure which the Statutes (of limitation) has denied them.
During the Pope’ s recent visit to Ireland, the scantness of the crowd which turned up to receive him, and at the masses speak of a rejection of the ‘say but do not’ principles of practitioners within the Catholic church. It heralds a further rejection which an unnamed Priest bemoaned in a recent video presentation or offering, as Catholics are wont to say.
The entire doctrine of rejection of Abortion and Abortion Rights by the Church (not only the Catholic Church) makes no sense whatsoever when one factors in the fact there have been clandestine abortions on the abused by the Clergy (not the Catholic Church), but the entire gamut of the Body of Christ. Imagine being the hearer of messages from the PULPIT promoting abstinence from sex before marriage; decrying abortion; and extolling loathing for love of money only to find out that the very things that the church condemns is actually thriving in the church.
Without having to repeat the name calling and all that, a retired archbishop is demanding that the Pope resigns because he knew about the abuses and did nothing. But unlike out General Overseers in our church saturated country, who would rather shield abusers and say nothing, Pope Francis has offered his and the Churches apology, and I believe that common sense demands that the abused should find it in their hearts to just accept that apology.
Finally, like I tweeted this morning, one Inspector Charles Omotosho of FSARS was dismissed for extorting NGN5,000.00 from one Ms. Adegoke Ifeoluwa. Many Pentecostal Pastors are daily extorting millions from members of their congregation for birthdays, weddings, etc. Should such Pastors consider themselves still qualified to preach to others?
I believe that the responsible thing for such ”men of God” to do is to resign from the Pulpit. The fact that their General Overseers have chosen not to do anything about known cases is rather baffling. I leave the numerous cases of members of the anti-corruption present day government in God’s hands, since man can hardly do anything about them. I however believe that any Pastor who has God’s anointing, and appreciates God’s calling must do the right thing before God deals with them like He did Hophni and Phinehas.
From the #MeToo movement; through those who are weaponizing sex; and of the Church and Clergy which says and do not, let it be clear that a change has come, and the day of reckoning is here with us. And like a wonderful message I heard this morning says, God commands rest on the 7th day because it is only when we have exhausted our human efforts and rest in the Lord God on the 7th day of the Divine that God goes to work on our behalf.
Finally, let it be heard loud and clear that every extortion done in the name of the Lord but without trust in the Lord, and without the Lord implicitly and explicitly directing that we embark on demanding such ”offering” or ”seed” is an exercise in futility which ends up scattering, rather than gathering the flock the Lord and Saviour bled for.
Jesus is still Lord.
Gabby Ogbechie,
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