Gas explosions set homes north of Boston on fire (PHOTOS)
At least 70 buildings north of Boston, Massachusetts have been set ablaze by what appears to be a ruptured gas line. Authorities are evacuating residents from parts of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover. One person has died.

The residents of the three communities north of Boston, serviced by Columbia Gas, have been ordered to evacuate after a reported gas line rupture triggered a series of violent explosions.


: Reports of up to 20 gas explosions and fires in Lawrence, Mass. (Video: @ProducerLeo)

Scores of homes have been damaged in the inferno. Photos posted on social media show raging fires and thick plumes of black smoke billowing from the buildings.

UA News@UrgentAlertNews

: At least 20 gas explosions cause multiple fires across Lawrence, Massachusetts.


10 different fires started in lawrence all at the same time

Liam Martin


To give you a sense of how strained and spread out the resources are right now, this house is on fire in Lawrence and there are no firefighters there yet.

At least a dozen people have been injured in the explosions and fires. Lawrence General Hospital reported that of 10 people that had been taken to the facility, one patient is in critical and one in serious condition. One patient was transferred to another hospital for treatment. The injuries range from smoke inhalation to “traumatic blast injuries,” the hospital said, adding that its staff has been preparing “for multiple casualties.”

One person was killed when a chimney from an exploding house landed on his car. Leonel Rondon, 18, of Lawrence was pronounced dead at Massachusetts General Hospital, according to the Boston Globe.

Several houses have crumbled as result of the explosions that have swept through Lawrence.

Michael Rosenfield NBC10 Boston


House leveled in Lawrence after one of many explosions and fires in the area. @NBC10Boston

Massachusetts State Police said that the gas lines are being depressurized, but noted that the process “will take some time.” All power in the three towns will be temporary shut off, to allow for essential repairs, police said.

Mass State Police


Power company will be shutting OFF power to all of , , and to assist in the situation.

Meanwhile, there are fears that the number of fires may rise, as police say the reports keep coming in.

Mass State Police


MSP Fusion Center has current updated tally of responses to fires/explosions/investigations of gas odor at 70. Spread over wide swath of south and northern part of with several others across Merrimack River in north Lawrence.

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