With a view to increasing our Subscriber/Followership base, in tandem with the new dimension in the services we wish to offer the reading public on the Internet, on one hand, and to thank all our subscribers and followers for keeping faith with us, we shall embark on the first in a series of projects we believe would be beneficial to our Subscribers, Followers and Readers generally. The Property Gazette, in partnership with our sister outfit, LandAssets Consult hereby introduce an Investment Forum which, initially, would be restricted to our Subscribers and Followers.

The scheme would be beneficial in two practical ways:

  1. It would empower Subscribers, Followers and Readers financially; and
  2. Active participants would receive financial gifts for helping to drive subscribers and followers to The Property Gazette.

The Scheme comprises of four Investment Options or Outlets, viz.

  1. The $1.00 Small Investors Fund;
  2. The $5.00 Mortgage Savings Scheme;
  3. The $10.00 Property Development Scheme; and
  4. The $20.00 Church Property Development Fund.

Method of Entry

The Forum is open to all our Subscribers and Followers who may be interested in the scheme. Each participant would send via Paypal.com or any other convenient payment system, the relevant amount to landassetsconsult@gmail.com. They would then send to fellow bloggers or friends they wish to recommend to TPG, the format below which should be copied and pasted on clipboards and sent to those they wish to introduce to the forum. These set of people shall constitute the Primary Investors. Any non-Subscriber or Follower who wishes to join would simply ‘subscribe. or ‘follow’ in order to qualify.

The second set of participants would in turn invite others who would constitute the Second Downlink; these will in turn send their participatory fund to thepropertygazette2014.2015@gmail.com. The Third Down liners would send theirs to gabbyogbechie@gmail.com.  At the fourth stage, the participants would send their participatory fees DIRECTLY to the First Subscribers who would directly receive and manage their receipts from participants in their downline. For the $10 option, if we assume that each participant recruits five potential followers or subscribers, they would receive 5x5x5 x $10= $1,250.00 (Dollars). There are no Apps developed by LandAssets Consult to manage or control incoming funds; all participants must manage their funds personally. This keeps you, not LandAssets on the driving seat.

It is that simple. The same process would continue with new subscribers and followers.

In addition, TPG will send a $50.00 bonus to participants who singularly enroll 50 Subscribers/Followers , and $100.00 each to those who enroll up to 100 Subscribers and Followers.

We, The Property Gazette, on behalf of LandAssets Consult shall guarantee to pay back any sum invested in this forum in the event of non-satisfaction. It must however be noted that the least investment option is $1.00; while the highest investment option is $20.00.

Gabby Ogbechie

+234 7032515705

E- mail – gabbyogbechie@outlook.com



The Process

First Stage

  1. landassetsconsult@gmail.com
  2. thepropertygazette2014.2015@gmail.com
  3. gabbyogbechie@outlook.com

Second Stage

As you join, on your own copied board, remove 1 above and promote 2 to 1, and 3 to 2:

  1. thepropertygazette2014.2015@gmail.com
  2. gabbyogbechie@outlook.com
  3. Your e-mail address

Third Stage: 

  1. gabbyogbechie@outlook.com
  2. Your e-mail address

3. Second stage downliner’s email address 

Fourth Stage:

1. Your e-mail address (you receive subscription funds from 4th stage joiners)

      2. Second stage downliner’s email address 

      3.Third stage downliner’s e-mail address

The process continues as our follower base grows.

Note: This forum has been designed in such a way that every participant will be in absolute control of proceeds on his/her investment. The funds would go to either their Paypal or Bank accounts. Such proceeds shall not attract any commission from us because we are not even in a position to know what accrues to your account. 

Finally, all a non follower or non subscriber needs to do to qualify to invest directly, is Subscribe or Follow.

Good luck. Have fun!

Gabby Ogbechie

P.S. Owing to recent developments, we were compelled to discontinue our Yahoo accounts. Any one who has invested via any of the former (Yahoo.com) accounts should please inform us via admin@thepropertygazette.org